Baptismal Gifts: Baptism is our entrance into the life of God and His Church. As Catholics we celebrate joyfully the Baptism of our children. Veritas has a wide variety of gifts both for the child being baptized and for others participating in this celebration. Come and see.

Confirmation Gifts: Confirmation confers on the candidate the completion of his/her Baptism as well as the strengthening of the gifts of the Holy Spirit in the soul. Sponsors of confirmandi will find at Veritas a section devoted to gifts for the sacrament of confirmation as well as many patron saint medals.

Crucifixes: Bishop Fulton J. Sheen said that the crucifix is a person's autobiography. To look upon Christ on the Christ, we see our own lives. The nails are the pen; the Blood, the ink; and the skin, the parchment. St. Augustine said there is no more profitable prayer than to meditate on Christ's suffering. Every Catholic home should have a crucifix as a means of blessing, devotion and protection. To that end, our selection of crucifixes is vast and varied.

CDs: The Second Vatican Council called music the greatest of all the Church's treasures. She also emphasized the sublime nature of Gregorian and polyphonic chant as an aid to prayer and contemplation. At Veritas we carry many interpretations of classic Catholic hymns as well as Gregorian chant. We also have the rosary, Divine Mercy Prayers and other Catholic prayers on CD. Audio books are also available and very many lectures/retreats by well-known Catholic speakers.

DVDs: There has been a resurgence in independent Christian films, particularly a new line of dramas on revered saints. In addition, Hollywood Classics are being re-released; Classics of a spiritual nature or which reflect wholesome family values. Veritas carries the largest selection of Catholic DVDs in the city.

First Communion Gifts: No celebration is more joyful than when a child receives our Lord's Body and Blood for the first time. Our First Communion gifts are designed to commemorate this great event and to help a child participate more fully at his/her First Communion and at all subsequent and equally blessed communions. We carry picture frames, First Communion missals, rosaries, keepsake boxes, veils, scapulars and much more. Come and see.

Framed Art: According to Bishop Sheen, all love seeks to become incarnate. The Church's treasury of art is unsurpassed because the object of her art is the God of Infinite Beauty. Veritas carries some of the most recognized pieces of Christian Fine Art as well as more popular objects of devotion. Here, a picture is actually worth a thousand words.

Greeting Cards: Our greeting cards complement our sacramental gift sections. We also have greetings cards to commemorate marriages, jubilees, and sacerdotal and religious anniversaries.

Icons: Finding quality hand-painted icons is a difficult task. Most stores don't bother to carry them. Veritas has many beautiful hand-painted icons to select from. In addition, Veritas also carries many icon prints as well.

Prayer Cards/Tokens: At times it is helpful to carry a small token of our faith on our person - a message to remind us that God is with us continually or as a jumpstart to prayer.

Rosaries: The rosary has been promoted and endorsed by Popes, saints, mystics and most approved apparitions. At Fatima, Lourdes and Akita, Our Lady pleaded for us all to pray the rosary daily. It is the Gospel prayer to which so many graces and promises have been attached. As you walk into Veritas you will find it hard not to notice our stock of rosaries - from inexpensive, base materials to finely crafted works of art made from precious stones and metals.

Statues: Catholic tradition demonstrates an adherence to the use of statues of Jesus, Mary and the saints and angels. Statues provide for the believer a reminder of the holy person for which it stands. Michelangelo, the great painter of the Sistine chapel, said he preferred sculpting to painting because the sculptor frees the form from the rock as God frees the soul from its attachment to sin.

Gift Cards: Veritas is now offering gift cards and, a more recent development, loyalty cards for parishes and frequent shoppers.