Our Mission Statement

Veritas Catholic Bookstore is dedicated to the support, proclamation, and victory of the Truth. Our entire apostolate is directed towards providing people from all faiths with the Church's rich teaching on the nature, mission, and purpose of Jesus Christ. Veritas will never compromise in selling any resources that do not faithfully represent the Catholic Church's official teachings and devotional practices as interpreted by the sacred Magisterium, that is the Pope and the bishops in union with Him. It is our hope that as more and more people find access to the Truth ardently defended and promulgated by the Catholic Church, they will come to a greater love for the Father, His only Son, Our Lord, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

Our History

In 1989, with the support of several committed volunteers, Margaret Hotze and Monsignor James Golasinski helped establish Veritas Catholic Bookstore. The mission of the store was simple: evangelization. For six years the store operated through a series of very hard-working volunteers. Their goal was to erect a bookstore with the best publications on the Faith in English. The main crieteria for the selection of titles was fidelity to Magisterial teaching. Margaret knew there was a thirsting among Catholics to learn the Faith in greater depth. The goal of Veritas was to supply the information many Catholics lacked through a great selection of books and multimedia resources.